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Pringles in the UK are hoping that Pringles in South Africa will get together and form a group of their own as Pringles in North America have and get in touch.


On 15 February 1820 a settler party of Pringles sailed from Gravesend on the “Brilliant” for South Africa. They arrived, via Cape Town, in Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape on 15 May.

This party was Robert Pringle (born 1753) and his sons:

  1. William Pringle of Eldon. Born 1780.
  2. John Pringle of Glen Thorn. Born 1787.
  3. Thomas Pringle, the poet, writer and later Secretary of the Anti-slavery Society. Borm 1789.
  4. Alexander Pringle, emigrated to America in 1812.
  5. William Dods Pringle of Lyndoch. Born 1809.


The Pringle’s of South Africa Family Tree (PDF file)
by Jimmy (James Leslie John) Pringle who lives in Zimbabwe
(Jimmy is descended from Robert Pringle (born 1753) through his son John Pringle).
The Pringles of  the Valley - South Africa

Thomas Pringle, the Poet  (1789-1834)

 Border poet and writer, Secretary of the Society for the Abolition of Slavery


Records of the Pringles, Page 237:

Under the heading - James Pringle, 3rd Laird of Whytbank:

“There was also a natural son William who appears in the Register of Deeds under the date 17th October 1663, ancestor of Thomas Pringle, poet and reformer. (See the Encyclopedias, especially the Dictionary of National Biography; also the article by A. Pringle in the Border Magazine of 21st December 1921.)”


  1. William Pringle, a farmer in Yair and tenant of the Laird of Whytbank. Lived in an old tower, or peel, at the foot of the Craig-hill of Yair, on Tweedside.
  2. William Pringle. Born Dryburgh 1681. Died 2/2/1745.
  3. William Pringle in Blaiklaw. Born Dryburgh 1710. Died 1784.
  4. Robert Pringle in Blakelaw. Born 1753. Died 10/10/1838.
  5. Thomas Pringle, Poet - Born Blaiklaw (Easterstead) 5/1/1789. Died London 5/12/1834.


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BOOK: Thomas Pringle: South African pioneer, poet and abolitionist, by Randolph Vigne.

Publication Date: 20 Sep 2012. Available to purchase on

Thomas Pringle Book



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